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Most of our custom metal work is finished with a baked-on powder coat material available in most colors. Some of the most popular color options are orange, black, clear, and hammered copper. Occasionally, we’ll also use a copper patina when creating commercial custom metal signage, but it’s not suitable for outdoor use. You can check out some of the finishes you can use to complete the look of your custom metal work by browsing through the photos below.



About Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC

We specialize in creating ornamental, decorative art, and commercial custom metal signage. We have full capabilities for custom metal work, and we’re also a Licensed Collegiate Manufacturer.


At Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC, we have a variety of proprietary designs we can use when providing commercial custom metal signs to our customers. We have a team of in-house artists that can create custom metal work as well specifically for you or your company. We even offer custom welding, fabrication, and finishing services as needed.

Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC has the ability to design and fabricate lots of different kinds of metal parts. We have machinery that can handle metal sheets up to 5 feet by 10 feet and cut metal sheets up to 3/4-inch thick. We’ll make sure you love everything about your new custom metal signs when we’re finished making them.



Clemson Tigers Logo on Metal Artwork
Bronze Metal Wall Art - Sayre


Our Features:

There are many things you’ll appreciate about the commercial custom metal signage you receive from Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC. For starters, we always use 12 and 14 gauge mild steel for our custom metal work and finish our pieces off by hand polishing them. We also powder coat the pieces we make to provide them with a beautiful and durable finish. Additionally, we finish off our College and University pieces with official school colors to give them a fabulous look.

Choose to have Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC finish your custom metal work off in another way if you want. Some customers ask us to finish their custom metal signs in black to give them a more formal look. Others ask us to leave their pieces uncoated so they can rust naturally. We offer custom multi-color finishing in many instances, too, and we can use a copper or pewter patina where appropriate.

While Palmetto Custom Metal & Woodcraft, LLC offers several proprietary designs, we would be more than happy to create custom metal work for you upon request. Our talented and creative in-house team of artists can take any ideas you might have and bring them to life. Please contact us if you’re interested in customizing a piece by calling 864-882-0234 or 803-533-8000 to speak directly with our owner.


The artists on our staff can design almost anything you can imagine in-house, but there are also companies out there that specialize in creating unique designs we can incorporate into your commercial custom metal signs. This can help you save some money while still providing you a very professional result. Check out the websites listed below to see some of the designs available to you and let us know if you would like to use any of them as part of your custom metal work.